Hartă Clasament


Inamici învinşi: 10.767 (1609.)
Trib: SCL~a

Sate (6) Coordonate Puncte
01. Stormwind
547|552 10.000
02. Orgrimmar
547|550 8.147
03. Gilneas
558|554 5.556
04. Karazhan
545|484 3.300
05. Dalaran
599|497 1.046
06. Undercity
541|503 3.037
Text personal
"This world is full of things that don't go as you wish. The longer you live... The more you realize that reality is just made of pain, suffering, and emptiness..."

Sargeras was once a vanir titan, called upon to defeat and imprison the hordes of demons native to the Twisting Nether, so that their evil would not contaminate the titans' vision of order. Sargeras went about his task devoutly for several millennia.

Shaken by the boundless evil and hate of demons, Sargeras began to despair of his task and gradually slipped into a brooding depression. He was unable to comprehend the nature of such pure evil, and came to blame the titans for what he considered to be their flawed pursuit of a false order. Sargeras concluded that chaos and depravity were the only true forces in the universe and angrily exiled himself from their ranks forever.

Sargeras roamed the Twisting Nether for thousands of years, freeing many demon races that he had previously hunted down and imprisoned. He bound the newly released demons to his will and used them to construct an army of massive proportions — one that eventually became known as the Burning Legion.

Convinced that the titans' ordering of the universe was unnatural and ultimately responsible for the corrupted nature of the demons, Sargeras decided to undo the work of the titans throughout the universe. The only way that he could correct their mistakes was to destroy all of the worlds that the titans had shaped and brought order to so long ago.

Sargeras and the Legion eventually became aware of the young world of Azeroth due to the night elves' reckless use of arcane magic, and Sargeras began to hunger for the limitless energies of the Well of Eternity. Sargeras' first invasion of Azeroth failed, and his armies were defeated by the demi-god Cenarius and the dragon Aspects left by the titans.

The second time Sargeras assaulted Azeroth, he was confronted by Aegwynn, the Guardian of Tirisfal. As Aegwynn surveyed the scene, she found the rift from which the Legion's agents had come through in the Storm Peaks. Using this portal, Sargeras entered Azeroth in the form of an avatar. It is said that this avatar was infused with a portion of Sargeras' soul which he controlled. The Guardian of Tirisfal did not hesitate in attacking, but Sargeras held back, letting the mage destroy his physical body. However, as it died, Sargeras' spirit reached inside Aegwynn's body and hid, lying dormant for many years. Unaware of the tainted presence inside her body, Aegwynn buried Sargeras' physical body in a tomb and cast it deep into the ocean.

Eventually Sargeras' spirit awoke and possessed the mind of Aegwynn's unborn son, Medivh. When Medivh grew old enough to inherit the mantle of Guardian of Tirisfal from Aegwynn, Sargeras' spirit manipulated him to use his powers to contact Gul'dan and open a portal between Draenor and Azeroth. Sargeras desired vengeance against the human kingdoms, and expected the orcs to travel through the portal and destroy the humans. Although the orcs did enter the portal and eventually caused a great amount of damage to the human kingdoms, Sargeras ultimately failed in his plans because a band of Medivh's friends recognized signs of possession in the sorcerer and rushed to kill him. As Medivh died, the portion of Sargeras' spirit that had possessed him was released and swiftly dispersed. Many believe that Sargeras' spirit yet endures somewhere, hungering for revenge against the only world ever to withstand the Burning Legion’s might...[

Realizări în luptă
Întăriri (Argint - Nivel 3)

Sprijină alţi jucători de 500 ori în bătălii.

Jefuitor (Bronz - Nivel 2)

Jefuieşte de 100 ori sate străine.

Jefuitor (Bronz - Nivel 2)

Jefuieşte în total 10.000 resurse.

Conducător (Lemn - Nivel 1)

Învinge un total de 10.000 trupe duşmane.

Cucerire (Lemn - Nivel 1)

Cucereşte în total 5 sate.

Moarte de erou (Lemn - Nivel 1)

Prin sprijinirea altor sate, ţi-au murit 1.000 trupe.

Rezervare pentru înnobilare reuşită (Lemn - Nivel 1)

Cucerește 5 sate rezervate.

Te ataci pe tine (Lemn - Nivel 1)

Pierde printr-un singur atac asupra unui sat propriu mai mult de 10 trupe.

Realizări sociale
Fraţi de arme (Bronz - Nivel 2)

Rămâi membru al aceluiași trib timp de 60 zile consecutive.

Prieten de nădejde (Bronz - Nivel 2)

Fă un total de 15 prietenii.

Realizări de creștere
Lider de piaţă (Aur - Nivel 4)

Ai făcut negoţ de 1.000 ori la târg.

Bibliotecar (Argint - Nivel 3)

Descoperă 9 Cărți de abilități unice.

Nivelul Paladinului (Argint - Nivel 3)

Extinde paladinul până la nivelul 20.

Arhitect (Bronz - Nivel 2)

Construiește în total 150 nivele de clădiri!

Recrutare (Bronz - Nivel 2)

Recrutează în total 5.000 unități!

Regele punctelor (Bronz - Nivel 2)

Urcă în clasament până la 5.000 puncte.

Bandă de frați (Lemn - Nivel 1)

Obține 2 paladini.

Bogăţia se măsoară în aur (Lemn - Nivel 1)

Bate 50 taleri.

Maestru de misiuni (Lemn - Nivel 1)

Încheie 40 misiuni!

Rămas fără timp (Lemn - Nivel 1)

Folosește opțiunea de finalizare imediată de 15 ori!

Student realizat (Lemn - Nivel 1)

Îmbunătățește abilitățile paladinilor tăi la un total combinat de 15 niveluri de abilități.

Top scor (Lemn - Nivel 1)

Încearcă să ajungi în top 1.000 al acestei lumi.

Alte realizări
Ani de Vechime (Argint - Nivel 3)

Joacă Triburile pentru 3 ani.

Nicovala străveche: Maestrul Fierar (Aur - Nivel 4)

Craftează 40 obiecte.

Nicovala străveche: Colector de Rețete (Argint - Nivel 3)

Găsește 30 rețete unice.

Bestia muntelui : Vânător (Bronz - Nivel 2)

Învingeți 2 fiare în evenimentul Bestia Muntelui Negru.

Lupta pe Baricade - Predator (Lemn - Nivel 1)

Învinge 10.000 trupe inamice in Lupta pe Baricade.

Lupta pe Baricade: Detectiv (Lemn - Nivel 1)

Elimină 25% din etape-

Târg de Nobili: Bucură-te de târg (Lemn - Nivel 1)

Termină 2 mini jocuri din Târgul de Nobili.

Târg de Nobili: Roata se învârte (Lemn - Nivel 1)

Învârte roate de 5 ori.

Realizări în alte lumi
Lumea 65